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Lightening Milk Carrot

Intense and very fast lightening treatment made with carrot oil. This nourishing moisturizer corrects dark spots and evens skin tone helping you find a healthier and brighter complexion.

Lightening Serum Carrot

Lightening serum made with carrot oil helps the skin to better fight against scars and dark spots clearing up the skins complexion. Reinforces actions on skin imperfections and wrinkles.

Lightening Milk Puissance

Made with sweet almond extract, this whitening treatment clarifies the body and evens the tone of the skin. Removes scars, sun and age spots.

Lightening Milk Royal Luxe

This innovative treatment treats and eliminates scars caused by age, pregnancy and sun. Lightened and toned, the skin is left cleansed, smooth and nourished.

Lightening Serum Royal Luxe

Fast and intense brightening skin care product rapidly lightens and smoothens your skin complexion. Reduces the appearance of scars and dark spots.

Lightening Soap Carrot

Nourished with carrot oil and vitamin A, this exfoliating beauty bar fixes the impurities of the skin and helps clarifies a healthier and brighter complexion.

Lightening Serum Puissance

Rapid skin care treatment that illuminates scars, age and sun spots resulting in a more even skin tone. Texture of skin is softer and clearer. Works best for elbows, knees and hands.

Lightening Soap Puissance

Exfoliating soap that gently cleanses, moisturizes and perfumes the skin. Removes persistent and stubborn stains on the body. Brightens the complexion and leaves the skin smooth.

Lightening Soap Royal Luxe

This beauty bar hydrates and perfumes your skin silky. Brightens your complexion and eliminates impurities leaving your skin smoother and healthier.

Lightening Cream Carrot

Formulated with the properties of carrot, this lightening cream offers fast working results in fixing discolored coloration to the skin and clearing the skin of a shinier and smoother complexion.

Hydrating Milk for Man

Milk moisturizer that nourishes the skin while hydrating and cleansing the body. The skin become soft, smooth and more radiant.

Carrot Lightening Milk Deluxe

Made with carrot oil this treatment cleanses and removes skin imperfections. The skin is soft, smooth and hydrated.

Lightening Cream Royal Luxe

Moisturizer that helps fade discolorations along with changes in pigmentation caused by pregnancy. Multi vitamin based returns the skin to an even, natural tone and softens the skins texture.

Lightening Milk Supreme

Made with Argan Oil, this lightening moisturizer illumes the body and evens out the skin tone. Helps fade scars, sun, age and pregnancy spots.

Carrot Lightening Serum Luxe

Made with carrot oil, this very fast and intense treatment corrects dark spots and evens skin tone. Skin is soft and more radiant looking.

Milk Luxe Caviar

A herbal and multivitamin lightening luxury. Treats and eliminates discolored pigment and unifies the skin. Complexion is clearer and more vibrant.

Lightening Cream Puissance

Soft facial lightening cream enriched with sweet almond extract . Brightens the complexion and helps cell renewal leaving the fresh more rejuvenated and youthful looking.

Lightening Milk Energie

Innovative and nourishing treatment made with vitamin E treats and eliminates dark pigment spots leaving the skin lightened, cleansed and smooth.

Lightening Milk REPERE

Professor Françoise Bedon Care, specially adapted to black and half-caste skins, is performed by its 100% natural Verveine content. This formula treats and helps to eliminate scars and marks like cuased by pregnancy, age or sun exposure. Moreover it is enriched by particularly hydrating Tea to restore epidermal lipids lost. To protect the skin from ageing and free radicals.

Soap Luxe Caviar

Exfoliating soap for the body. Gently cleanses, moisturizes and perfumes your skin. Brightens the complexion and leaves your skin texture smooth.

Lightening Serum Supreme

A highly effective skin care formula that diminishes age spots, evens skin tone and softens the skin. Resulting best in the hands, elbows and knees.

Truffles Lightening Lotion Imperiale Luxe

Made with black truffle, herbal and vitamins this treatment fights against aggression. Purifies the complexion and makes it radiant.

Lightening Serum Energie

Intense lightening treatment helps correct dark pigmentation and evens skin tones for a healthier and brighter complexion. Works best on hand, knees and elbows.