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Milk Lightening Luxe

Creamy milk lightening treatment removes scars, pregnancy, age and sun spots. Helps leave skin smooth, soft and radiant.

Lightening Serum Luxe

Enriched multivitamin formula deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin correcting dark spots. Intense and fast treatment the skin becomes luminous and radiant with beauty.

Lightening Soap Luxe

Exfoliating lightening soap for the body. Gently cleanses the skin, moisturizes and perfumes your skin. Brightens the complexion and leaves your skin smooth.

Night Cream Care Luxe

Effective night cream that helps cell renewal for softer, smoother and more radiant skin. Lightens and brightens the face complexion.

Purifying Anti-Acne Balm Cream Luxe

Treats against imperfections, this purifying balm battle and removes acne pimples. Restores a unified and more radiant complexion..

Hands Feet Elbows Knees Cream

A highly effective skin care formula designed for the hands, feet, elbows and knees. Diminishes age spots, evens skin tone and softens the skin.

Tube Of Gel Cream For Face And Body

treatment gel cream that effectively combats dark spots of the skin such as scars, age, pregnancy and sun spots. Your skin is left soft and more beautiful.

Aloe Vera Face And Body Gel

Enriched with Aloe Vera and vitamins, this formula nourishes and cleanses the body. The skin is glowing, youthful and more radiant.