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Soap Prestige DRM4

Vegetable soap with apricot kernels, deep cleans and removes bad pores of your skin, while unifying your skin tone.

Lightening Cream Sublime DRM4

This night cream for the face effectively fights spots and blackheads, while keeping a unifying and soft complexion.

Gel Taches Rebelles Prestige DRM4

This concentrate of active overkill, acting quickly on the colored areas of your face, allows intensive way to remove the most stubborn stains, while maintaining a clear and united complexion.

Gel Taches Rebelles Sublime DRM4

This ultra concentrated gel actively removes imperfections and blemishes from your face and keeps you glowing.

Sérum Prestige DRM4

This rich and intense depigmenting care allows you to correct dark spots and unify your complexion while removing traces of your knuckles, elbows and knees.