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Lightening Milk Cocoa Butter

Soin hydratant, nourrissant et éclaircissant de luxe au Cocoa Butter. Contient un grand nombre de différents antioxydants et lutte contre un vieillissement prématuré toute en clarifiant le teint.

Sérum Prestige DRM4

This rich and intense depigmenting care allows you to correct dark spots and unify your complexion while removing traces of your knuckles, elbows and knees.

Lightening Serum Miracle Carotte DRM4

Lightening Serum booster anti-age Miracle. This lightening serum ultra-concentrated active, full and perfectly optimizes the anti-wrinkle, it 'moisturizes and boosts radiance. A herbal, carrot extract and vitamin E, it shows the brightness of your skin in record time and makes it much more smooth, soft and perfect.

Soap Prestige DRM4

Vegetable soap with apricot kernels, deep cleans and removes bad pores of your skin, while unifying your skin tone.

Lightening Cream Sublime DRM4

This night cream for the face effectively fights spots and blackheads, while keeping a unifying and soft complexion.