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Carrot Pack

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Lightening Milk Carrot

Intense and very fast lightening treatment made with carrot oil. This nourishing moisturizer corrects dark spots and evens skin tone helping you find a healthier and brighter complexion.

Lightening Serum Carrot

Lightening serum made with carrot oil helps the skin to better fight against scars and dark spots clearing up the skins complexion. Reinforces actions on skin imperfections and wrinkles.

Lightening Soap Carrot

Nourished with carrot oil and vitamin A, this exfoliating beauty bar fixes the impurities of the skin and helps clarifies a healthier and brighter complexion.

Lightening Cream Carrot

Formulated with the properties of carrot, this lightening cream offers fast working results in fixing discolored coloration to the skin and clearing the skin of a shinier and smoother complexion.

Carrot Balm

Treatment enriched with carrot oil based balm helps act on the imperfections of the skin. Fights brown and discolored spots of the skin. Eliminates pimples and gives your skin a healthy complexion. .

Carrot Lightening Mask

Excellent lightening mask enriched with carrot oil. Lightens and reveals radiance to the face looking more fresh and youthful.

Clarifying Radiant Facial Cream Carrot

Lightening facial cream enriched in carrot oil and vitamins prevents wrinkles and brightens the complexion while encouraging cell renewal.

Lightening Face Cream Carrot

Nourished with carrot oil and vitamin E, this facial moisturizer brings an immediate and long-lasting hydration to your face. Gradually cleans up skins imperfections leaving the face brighter and more refreshed.

Lightening Gel Cream Carrot

This nourishing enriched carrot oil treatment is perfumed delicately to help lighten the skin. Fighting against new pigment spots, this treatment if left smoother while unifying the complexion.

Carrot Beauty Slimming Concentrate

Concentrated active slimming beauty product enriched with carrot oil. Eliminates cellulite and excess fat and helping find a beautiful body shape.

Carrot Oil

Made with carrot oil, this treatment helps against wrinkles and signs of aging skin. Formula fortifies and strengthens the hair to a healthy and shinier look.

Purifying Gel Facial Cleanser Puissance

This facial gel purifies, cleans and refines the imperfections of the face. The skin feels fresh and comfortable while intensely moisturizing the skin .