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Hydrating Milk for Man

Milk moisturizer that nourishes the skin while hydrating and cleansing the body. The skin become soft, smooth and more radiant.

Intense Serum for Man

Deep lightening treatment removing intense pigment discoloration. Serum eliminates blemishes for a clearer more vibrant skin complexion.

Vegetable Soap for Man

Enriched vegetable oil soap provides cleaner and softer skin while exfoliating the body fresh and smelling good.

Scar Removal Cream for Man

This effective and gentle scar cream removes new and old dark pigment spots and prevents new wounds from scarring. Cleanses and treats the pores.

Purifying Balm for Man

This purifying balm fights and removes acne pimples restoring the skin to a healthy and radiant complexion.

Clarifying and Radiant Shea Cream for Man

Enriched with Shea butter, this lightening cream brightens the complexion and helps cell renewal. The skins complexion is left to look younger and healthier.

Face Lightening Shea Cream for Man

Made from Shea butter and natural ingredients, this cream intensely hydrates and eliminates dark spots on the skin for a clear complexion.

Shower Gel Protector

Shower gel that moisturizes and hydrates the body while protecting the skin from blemishes and dark pigment spots. Leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Purifying Gel Facial Cleanser Puissance

This facial gel purifies, cleans and refines the imperfections of the face. The skin feels fresh and comfortable while intensely moisturizing the skin .