Imperiale Truffe

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Truffles Lightening Lotion Imperiale Luxe

Made with black truffle, herbal and vitamins this treatment fights against aggression. Purifies the complexion and makes it radiant.

Truffles Lightening Serum Imperiale Luxe

Intense and very fast lightening treatment enriched with black truffle corrects dark spots and evens skin tone. The skin is clear and glowing with youth.

Truffles Lightening Soap Imperiale Luxe

Gentle exfoliating beauty soap made with vitamins and black truffles. Exfoliates and purifies the skin this moisturizer removes imperfections and the skin is left more radiant.

Truffle Lightening Cream Imperiale Luxe

Care based black truffle cream effectively fights dark spots of the skin such as scars, age spots, pregnancy and sun. Skin is softer and more luminous.

Truffle Balm Imperiale Luxe

Care-based black truffle treatment acts on skin imperfections. Fight brown spots and eliminates pimples giving your skin a healthy complexion.

Purifying Gel Facial Cleanser Puissance

This facial gel purifies, cleans and refines the imperfections of the face. The skin feels fresh and comfortable while intensely moisturizing the skin .