Pr. Francoise Bedon (98)

Avocado Oil

Pure Avocado oil, this treatment can help deal with hair loss, thinning of hair and dandruff. Soaking easy into the scalp and skin this product will keep you looking younger.

Baby Cleansing Gel

Enriched with sweet almond extracts, this cleansing gel is specifically designed to remove dirt while respecting the delicate and sensitive skin.

Baby Lotion

Lotion enriched with extracts of sweet almond this moisturizer is recommended for babies sensitive and fragile skin, protecting and softening it.

Balm Luxe Caviar

Treats against skin imperfections, this purifying balm battle removes dark spots. Eliminates acne and restores your skin to a clear and healthy complexion.

Beauty Slimming Concentrate Puissance

Concentrated active slimming and beauty cream enriched with baby carrot oil sweet almond extract. Eliminates cellulite and helps restore a beautiful body shape.

Body Lightening Gel Royal Luxe

Extra strength multi-vitamin formula lightens and helps reduce dark areas of the skin especially focusing on knees and elbows. Skin is left silky, clear and luminous complexion.

carapate Oil

This almond conditioning formula hydrates the skin fighting wrinkles. Rejuvenating hair fibers to sooth the scalp and look shinier than ever.

Carrot Balm

Treatment enriched with carrot oil based balm helps act on the imperfections of the skin. Fights brown and discolored spots of the skin. Eliminates pimples and gives your skin a healthy complexion. .

Carrot Beauty Slimming Concentrate

Concentrated active slimming beauty product enriched with carrot oil. Eliminates cellulite and excess fat and helping find a beautiful body shape.

Carrot Lightening Mask

Excellent lightening mask enriched with carrot oil. Lightens and reveals radiance to the face looking more fresh and youthful.

Carrot Oil

Made with carrot oil, this treatment helps against wrinkles and signs of aging skin. Formula fortifies and strengthens the hair to a healthy and shinier look.

Clarifying and Radiant Shea Cream for Man

Enriched with Shea butter, this lightening cream brightens the complexion and helps cell renewal. The skins complexion is left to look younger and healthier.

Clarifying Radiant Facial Cream Carrot

Lightening facial cream enriched in carrot oil and vitamins prevents wrinkles and brightens the complexion while encouraging cell renewal.

Clarifying Radiant Facial Cream Energie

Generously enriched vitamin E cream lightens and brighten the face complexion. The face is left to be softer and more radiant looking and feeling younger.

Clarifying Radiant Facial Cream Excellence Luxe

Creamy moisturizer that lightens the face while strengthening the cell tissues. This cream prevents wrinkles and leaves the face with a more fresher and youthful look.

Clarifying Radiant Facial Cream Puissance

Treatment based on plant extracts and sweet almond extract. Creamy texture that is excellent for purifying and clarifying the skin while unifying the complexion.

Clarifying Radiant Facial Cream Royal Luxe

Multi-vitamin lightening facial cream prevents wrinkles and brightens the complexion while encouraging the cell renewal.

Clarifying Radiant Facial Cream Supreme

A facial moisturizer that helps cell renewal, clears acne and prevents wrinkles leaving a healthy, more radiant complexion to the face.

Clarifying Truffle Facial Cream Imperiale Luxe

Creamy night moisturizer that lightens the face while strengthening the cell tissues. This cream prevents wrinkles and leaves the face with a more fresher and youthful look.

Exfoliating Soap Supreme

This invigorating face and body soap eliminates dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth, soft and glowing while gently perfuming the skin.

Face Lightening Cream Luxe Caviar

Facial lightening cream reveals a fresher, brighter complexion. This 10-minute treatment exfoliates and fights post-acne scars restoring the skin to a balanced tone.

Face Lightening Shea Cream for Man

Made from Shea butter and natural ingredients, this cream intensely hydrates and eliminates dark spots on the skin for a clear complexion.

Face Whitening Gel Luxe

Deep cleansing facial formula that lightens darken areas of the skin and balances the skin tone. Leaves the face with a more radiant and clear complexion.

Face Whitening Gel Royal Luxe

Highly concentrated facial gel care that acts quickly to areas of intense discolorations. Effectively removes acne and balances skin tone leaving the face glowing.