Reparateur au Thé et Verveine

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Lightening Milk REPERE

Professor Françoise Bedon Care, specially adapted to black and half-caste skins, is performed by its 100% natural Verveine content. This formula treats and helps to eliminate scars and marks like cuased by pregnancy, age or sun exposure. Moreover it is enriched by particularly hydrating Tea to restore epidermal lipids lost. To protect the skin from ageing and free radicals.

SERUM luxury depigmentating

The Professor Françoise Bedon serum is an intense and very fast depigmentating care based on Tea and Verveine. It reduces the dark spots and unifies the tan. Active for phalanges, elbows and knees.

The baume purifiant REPARATEUR

 The Professeur Françoise Bedon lightening anti-acne balm contains agents wich acts against the skin imperfections. It fights effectively against natural or accidental brown spots. It eliminates pimples and gives you back a brighter complexion, free of spots. This balm is exclusively based on Tea and Verveine carefully selected to give you a radiant skin.

Soap of vegetable gumming

The exfoliating soap to Professor Françoise Bedon is a soap of vegetable gumming with Tea and Verveine, especially formulated for hygiene of the body. It's a soap of beauty which purifies skin delicately.

Lightening Cream Tube

Lightening Cream effectively fights against brown patches of the skin and natural or accidental marks and scars like caused by pregnancy, age or sun exposure. 


 The Professor Françoise Bedon has elaborated for your skin the lightening face cream. Created from an innovative formula based on Tea and Verveine, this cream gently nourrishes your skin, smoothens it and unifies the skin complexion.

Gel lightening body

The Professor Françoise Bedon has elaborated for your beauty an gentle lightening body gel based on Tea and Verveine. Thanks to its ultra soft texture, it is an excellent emollient and smoothes your skin complexion. Your skin is radiant with beauty.

The Lightening Gel Rebellious REPARATEUR

The Lightening Gel Rebellious Tasks Professor Françoise Bedon contains powerful whitening actives which act very quickly on the zones of intense colouring on the face only. This revolutionary formula based on Tea and Verveine.

The Precious Pearl REPARATEUR

Whitening face cream melting in the Sweet Almond. Healing and soothing tea and verbena.